‘21  BB3 - End of Year Blind Drip Lextravaganza - 7 Items
$ 60.00 $ 60.00

7:00 pm centrL SURPRISE DRIP!!


We have a few more things laying around, so we’re hookin’ you up!!

7 items for $60!!!

First 10 orders will come with a FREE MASK!!!

You will receive the following items in your blind bag :

(1) Blind Bag print, canvas, metal print, puzzle or original art
(1) Blind Bag Lex Pin
(1) Blind Bag Blotter
(1) Blind Bag Wood Token
(3) Blind Bag Non Lex pins from the board pictured here (these are doubles or triples of all the pins I’ve collected over the years, which I don’t need…so I figured I would hook some people up if they want. Lots of oldies on there.)

There are only 37 available blind bags and there will be 10 small originals. So, your chances of getting an original are pretty high!!

Happy New Year!! Have a safe night tonight! ❤️

You may buy as many of these as you would like...while supplies last!!!

*Shipping is included.