2021 "Orb" Collared Shirt *PREORDER*
2021 "Orb" Collared Shirt *PREORDER*
2021 "Orb" Collared Shirt *PREORDER*
2021 "Orb" Collared Shirt *PREORDER*
2021 "Orb" Collared Shirt *PREORDER*
$ 82.50 $ 82.50

THIS IS A PREORDER. IT WILL RUN FOR 10 days (until January 23rd, 2021). You may order as many as you want during that time, but once the preorder is over...it’s over FOREVERRRR!!! 

*each shirt will come with a matching mask! Masks are washable, and come with 2 replaceable pm2.5 filters, adjustable ear straps for all sized heads, and a metal strap to pinch down the nose area. 

This will be a limited edition run based off of how many are ordered. Whatever the final amount ordered is will be the edition amount. There won’t be any more printed after this.


“Orb” is a design that was created using an acrylic paint pouring technique to achieve the foundation - the mixture of colors. I scanned the painting at high resolution, lightly manipulated the saturation, and clarity, then I digitally drew and painted onto it using my iPad Pro, in the app Procreate. It was really cool to observe the feel of the painting change as I painted the orbs, and other subtle marks and lines and shapes, on to it. Whatever was trapped under the bubble began to appear as if it were magnified or clearer in some way. It’s like an optical illusion or somethin mannnnn! ;) 




these are the first collared / buttoned up shirts I’ve made! I’m STOKED on how they came out! 

Fabric : Rayon 

These run pretty true to size, but a little on the small end of the spectrum. If you like your clothes to fit loosely, I would recommend sizing up one size. *Sizing chart available, see listing. 

Note : We are offering XS, 4XL, and 5XL but those sizes are not included on the sizing chart.

*I am wearing a size LARGE in the picture. I am an even 6’0”, 165/170 lbs.