King Sai Bin
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Sai Bin : Striped, Broad-Tailed Fungus Gryffin.

First of his kind, Ruler of Mai Sil Eeya, Lord of the Southern Fungal Islands, Son of Elgös the Envied - God King of the Shadow Realm, Heir to the Spore Throne of Psiloz, God of the Endless Kingdoms, Protector of the Hall of Luz Ai Genix.

An ancient mycological mythological tyrant. A number does not exist that can be used to measure his age. He is older than time itself.

He has never been defeated in battle, although he did sustain a heavy injury in The Seventh Great War, resulting in the loss of his dominant, left wing...but he won that war, just like all the wars before it.

He will be able to grow it back eventually, but at the moment he is hiding out while it heals. Fortunately, for him...the older he gets, the stronger he becomes. And, in his slumber he is able to regenerate more rapidly, although he is more vulnerable during this time.


It has never been discovered where he goes to sleep; it is suspected to be at the top of Mount Elgak, but the peaks are impossible to reach. So, he’s safe...

...for now.


Alcohol Ink Drip + Acrylic Paint on 6”x3” repurposed ceramic subway tile.

*final product will be heavily fixed and coated with two-part epoxy. This makes it so the tile will theoretically be able to be used as an actual tile.