Laughter Crescendo 2019 Remastered - 16”x20” - OPEN PREsale
$ 75.00 $ 75.00


Ahhhhhh yes, the long awaited holy grail is finally here.

“This ones for all you lovers out there....”
“I used to speak the language of the flowers. How did it go? How did it go?”
“Drip drip drop is the sound.”
“There’s nothin in life that I can’t achieve.”
“Super soaked in honeycomb.”

Inspired by the Bassnectar songs - Laughter Crescendo, Shel Silverstein, The Sound, Boombox, and Cozza Frenzy


I’m beginning the OPEN PRESALE for these tonight at 7:00 pm centrL. They are 16”x20” on Fine Art Archival Artisan Canvas Paper - with no border.

FIRST 20 people to order will receive their prints promptly, because I have 20 in hand ready to send out.

Everybody else will have to wait approximately two weeks from now (one week after PREsale ends).

The edition amount will be based on how many are ordered.

***Shipping included, rolled and sent in a tube

I love you.