Lex Newtho's Lexclusive Limited Edition Underground Cosmic Nauty VIP Denver Dance pARTy - Day 2 - NIGHT TIME ONLY - (November 18th) w/ Deerskin and Honeycomb
$ 20.00 $ 20.00

This ticket grants you access to the SECOND HALF (9:00-12:00) of the SECOND DAY (Sunday, November 18th) 


Second Half runs from 9:00 pm - 12:00 am 

You'll receive a slap pack upon entree...and some drink vouchers. There will be some bar snack type food available but nothing fancy.  

During this time I'll be doing some LIVE ART while listening to the sweet, sticky, deep rumbling beatboxing/DJing sounds of Honeycomb AND the wompy, weird, glitchy, audio exploring, "Sonic Shaman" beat master sound tinkerer - Deerskin! 

I'll be periodically mingling and chillin with everybody, bustin' some moves here and there, in between bouts at the easel. Normally we don't have much of an opportunity to spend any face-to-face quality time with y'all...but doing it this way will ensure that we can actually kick it instead of just filtering through a line. Gonna have to bust out that polaroid camera. It's gonna be fun!!!!! 

We're doing this at our friend's store : The Vape Loft (116 S. Broadway) 

They recently opened in downtown Denver. It's a really cool spot that already has some of my art in it now. Any locals or travelers passing through, feel free to stop by and bug em! Go in there and check it out!!! 

See you in November!!!!